Luke Tylim on an island of C# minor

Hills singer- songwriter, Luke Tylim, said that the theme of tonight’s live-to-air set was about swimming around an island of C# minor. He had just finished a performance  at Kelly’s bistro in Olinda and was kind enough to race into Emerald to play on The Dotted Line.

Luke usually plays with his four-piece outfit, Coco Velu, which has started playing regular gigs at The Scarab Bar and at Kelly’s. They were also one of the highlights of The Basin Music Festival.

Coco Velu have been around for about a year and is comprised of members of Double Entendre. They are in the process of slowly recording a debut album.

It was great to have him in front of the mic. Luke has become a regular contributor to The Dotted Line…as a behind the scenes sound tech! We can thank Luke for the fantastic sound of our previous live guests including Saint Jude.

Punk and noise  

Luke has been writing songs for over a decade and has shifted in and out of different genres, including punk and hard rock, where he has been part of  a myriad of bands over the years. He cites Pennywise as one of his favourite bands.

Although he loves his 90’s inspired noise guitar, Luke now loves the dynamics of the more flexible style of acoustic singer-songwriter. He says that Coco-Velu do at times flit out some stoner-rock and psychedelic sounds.

Luke belted out The Sun Always Shines, a track about the sun shining blue off a couch in his backyard on a beautiful day. I’ve Never Been In Love is a story about looking back on things and trying to make them better.

He beefed up his playing to sing a sad and angry tale about feeling alienated at a full- moon beach party at Magnetic Island, that turned out to be nothing what he was hoping.

Go and support live-local-indie musos. Luke will be playing on May 4th at Kellys, supported by US gutiatrist Burt Cocaine. Coco-Velu will be playing at Scarab on ANZAC eve.


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