Jack Howard: an Aussie music legend and The Teskey Bros play live

Listen to the program here.

Jack Howard used to play the trumpet with the Hunters and Collectors, he also recorded with The Oils. He is now proud to be part of the Legends of Oz Music gig featuring ex- Models and ex- Chantoosies perform at Elevation in Emerald as  of the PAVE fest.

Pic courtesy: humanfrailty.com.au

We had a chat about his new record and up-coming gig in Emerald.

Jack has just released his Shadowlands project which he recorded mainly himself at home. It is a digital only release. The dynamic musician is best knwon for his trumpet playing, but he wrote songs for this album on piano and guitar.

He has also recorded an album with The Nightbirds a couple years ago. We spoke about the changing nature of the formats on which recorded material can now be released. Jack Howard has been in the industry long enough to have seen many changes!

He also told us that he has just recorded new material with The Break in Sydney at ex-Oils guitarist, Jim Moginie’s studio. Get ready for some thumping surf rock!

The Teskey Bros

The Teskey Brothers are Josh and Sam Tesky and Bredan Love, who joined us to play a sizzling live set of intricate vocal harmonies and vibrant acoustic strings.

Hailing from the Yarra Valley, these guys have been playing regular gigs at the St Andrews pub and market since they were only 16.  Many years later, they are about to release their first EP.

Josh first picked up the guitar as a young boy and Sam followed him. Josh sings with a very soulful input, he says Otis Redding was a great influence on him as a boy.  Angel Eyes is a song written by their father and boasts a chorus of stunning vocal harmonies.

Sam is passionately inspired by gypsy guitar and has brought an amazing continental sound to the band. We heard this when they played a version of Trevdo Swing, in Josh’s own version of Portugese!

Sam has recorded other artists, such as 2swai, in his home studio, and aslo had the unique experience of recording a Korean- English educational language CD!

Keep an ear out fot their debut EP to be released in July, and head down to St Andy’s pub on a Saturday after the market to catch them live.


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