Christie Heart leaves the wake behind

Local hills artist Christie Heart is not just a singer-songwriter. She is now a published novelist! The Dotted Line had the privilege of being the world’s first to feature her brand new book: Leave the Wake Behind.


More than a novel, the book is accompanied by a complementary album which features songs that illustrate the story. The book is available in  hard copy and comes complete with the CD.

Nearly  seven years in the making, this is Christie’s first novel. It went through several drafts through the scrutiny of a journalist/friend/editor who gave her constructive advice about how to build the story.

The story surrounds the tale of a woman whose tale begins Melbourne and includes travelling to the Blue Mountains. She meets men in her life and is able to use her travels to leave her past behind.

Christie is well known around the Hills as a songwriter and performer. She sang at The Basin Music Festival last month as well as the Yarra Ranges Estate Winery last weekend.

The album is finely produced and was recorded in Emerald at Cres Crisp’s studio. The album is a Hills collaboration with other artists like Alex Legg, Riley Jordan and Justin Ludeman playing parts on it.

Christie perfomed acoustic versions of album tracks live on 3MDR. We heard Invercargill, which is about the cold weather in far south New Zealand. She also performed Feels Like Coming Home.

As the cd is an intrinsic part of the book, the last pages of the book come with lyrics and liner notes about each track.

Christie is postphoning her Australian book launch to go to England, where she will be networking and promoting her novel at the London Book Fair. We think the book will be a hit over there as it’s so uniquely Aussie!


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