An archive of stories published in print magazines.

Local spells life for bush papers

The Walkley Magazine August 2015 issue 84 pp 10

By Michelle Slater

As print cries rivers of tears over shrinking circulation, there is a small sector standing its ground and even selling more papers – that’s the country non-daily.

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Barat Ali Batoor

New Internationalist November 2014 NI 477  pp 44

By Michelle Slater

The Afghan photo-journalist uses his own experience of seeking asylum in Australia to help other refugees.

Iconic Hero

Endurance Australia Volume 6 pp 64-66

By Michelle Slater

Endurance legend Bob Sample is the patriarch of one of Australia’s most remarkable riding dynasties.

Setting Goals

Endurance Australia Volume 6 pp 30-31

By Michelle Slater

Sometimes you’re taken to the wall – but you don’t give in. Psychological endurance and motivation are huge issues facing riders, especially for beginners.

Diversity or Bust

Truckin’Life October 2014 pp 20-29

By Michelle Slater

Traditionally blokes have driven big rigs, but the industry is welcoming a change as more women take the wheel on long interstate runs.

Essential guide to safe reversing

Time To Roam October/November 2014 issue 11. pp 16-17

By Michelle Slater

It’s the fear of any first time caravan owner. Pulling into the park in full view and making an absolute hash of reversing into place.

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Boring for water is not so boring

Town and Country Farmer May/June 2014 Vol 31 no.3 pp 37-39

By Michelle Slater

A bore may provide a permanent supply of water to your property if it is installed properly and sunk in an area free from salinity and mineralisation.

Building a dam 101

Town and Country Farmer January/February 2014 Vol 31 no.1 pp 49-52

By Michelle Slater

Building a dam is much more complicated than simply digging a hole and waiting for rain.

Safe camping essentials

Just 4x4s Caravans and Campers May edition 14-11 issue 292 pp55-59

By Michelle Slater

With the right preparation, a good camping holiday can be turned into a great camping holiday!

Choked up

Australian Arabian Horse News June 2014 Vol.48 no.2 pp 72-73

By Michelle Slater

A short float ride turned into a trip from hell for my 11 year-old purebred mare, Jaydana Cherrish.

A ray of sunshine for Egypt

Australian Arabian Horse News September 2013 Vol 47 no.3 pp 84

By Michelle Slater

The other vets in Cairo had given up on the young black Arabian stallion, he was put into the “too hard basket” and the recommended immediate euthanasia.

Youth in focus:  Charlotte Richardson

Australian Arabian Horse News September 2013 Vol 47 no.3  pp 76- 77

By Michelle Slater

Nine year old Charlotte Richardson is in grade four, she has a very special relationship with her 12.2hh Arabian Pony, Palm Parks Royal Acclaim (Koora-lyn Gordost x Nampara Park Applause), aka Simbad

Youth in focus: Jessica Christensen

Australian Arabian Horse News June 2013 Vol. 47 no.2  pp 72-73

By Michelle Slater

Jessica Christensen (16), from County Downs Arabian Stud on Queensland’s Darling Downs knows that the Arabian horse is the perfect all-rounder.

Agony and Ecstacy of competing in a world championship.

Australian Arabian Horse News December 2012.Vol. 46 no. 4  pp 38-39

By Michelle Slater

Elation and heartbreak are a part of training horses for any event, let alone a world championship. The Australian team experienced mixed fortunes at this year’s 160km World Endurance Championships at Euston Park, England, won by the United Arab Emirates.

Black Caviar

Hills and Hawkesbury Equestrian News May 2013 Vol-2 Edition 5 pp 13-15

By Michelle Slater

Black Caviar walked the parade ring like a languid princess, surveying her fans with an expression of serenity through large, calm eyes.

Champion Devina Completes The Big Three

Hills and Hawkesbury Equestrian News March 2013 Volume 2 issue no.3 pp 46-47

By Michelle Slater

Only elite endurance horses complete the Big Three in a single year, but in 2012 Jennifer Gilberston completed the sport’s prestigious triple crown on a children’s pony club mount.

From Galloping Through Wilderness

The Horse Downunder Magazine- Summer Edition 2011  issue no. 1 pp21-29

By Michelle Slater

Like hundreds of brumbies before him, Quigley was captured from the Australian high-country and destined for a knacker’s bullet. Quigley is now amongst the world’s elite endurance horses and lives in the royal stables of an oil-rich Middle Eastern king! 

Alter Ego

Wild Boar-Swinburne Student Magazine

Issue 2 September 2011

By Michelle Slater

Comedian, Michael Connell, is saving Melbourne’s citizens from boredom with his brand-new show “I am Super, Man” as part of this year’s  Melbourne Fringe Festival.