Lay to Falloe at Emerald Lake

Wade from Falloe with Luke Tyilm doing sound in the background

Listen here to the show!

The Hills are full of hidden gems in the form of music and dance festivals over the next few weeks. The Dotted Line helped celebrate them by meeting some of the stars. Hidden Away in the magnificent bush of the Gembrook State Forest will the the third annual Dancing Ground Festival.

Rachel Daly is one of the festival organisers and she told us how this will the second year its being held in Gembrook- at the Gilwell Park scout camp- for its locality to Melbourne. Its an ideal space to dance, camp and chill. The festival will concentrate on all sorts of dancing styles with  yoga, a kids space and will be fully catered for with vegetarian meals. It begins Friday 22nd Feb. Just one of the amazing low-key activities on offer to locals.

The Summer Music Series kicked off last weekend in the Emerald Lake Park. This week we featured Falloe, a five-piece Melb folk-rock outfit who will be asking everyone to get off their arses when they play this Sunday.

Lead-singer, Wade, hails from the northern Queensland town of Ayr, which is aslo birthplace of the mighty Don Walker. He dedicated a tune- The Ballad of Pierce and Annabelle to a story from his hometown.

Neil played a massively impressive double -bass, while Rennie switched between a Gibson and a piano-accordian. While the band have a distinct folk edge, there are definately some axe-weilders in there. Neil told us that their influences are so diverse, that they can’t put music on in the car without disagreeing. But I did like guitarist Rob’s passion for  Rage Against The Machine. As well as Wade’s love of Motorhead.

One of the album tracks- Old Jack the Gravedigger- is based on a story that Wade read out of an old Australian newspaper. Neil and Rennie have started a side-project which includes re-interpreting Australian gold-rush era poems and ballads. They will be performing these live very soon, with a gig coming up in Drouin.

Falloe will be playing some other gigs around the place, including the Tarwin Lower pub and the Melton Fest.


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