A Narrow Road

Listen to the show here!

A glockenspiel added a lovely light touch to the sounds of The Narrow Road when they played a live set last night.

The  seven piece band left one of their guitarists, Daniel, at home but we managed squeezed into the MDR studio.

It was the band’s first time on radio, and  Anna’s lead vocals sounded fantastic over the added warmth of electric bass. We heard some harmonica and Sax thrown in too.

The Narrow Road have just put out an EP, Short Stories and they played Winter Wars and Paper Thin Pedestal from it.

We even heard a cover of the Police song- Message In a Bottle.

Our sound tech- the ever hard working Luke Tylim and I – had a special treat when the band began singing along and jamming with Goanna’s Solid Rock which was being broadcast as they were sound-checking off air. We should ask Shane Howard to include a Glockenspiel in all future performances of that song!

Almost a local band, they didn’t have that far to travel up the mountain from Knox. The outfit formed two years ago and have been playing regular gigs which include appearances at the last three Basin Music Festivals.

They will be playing at Revolver next week, on December 11 with a heap of other guests.

Pic: The Narrow Road


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