Mimi Velevska supports pirate radio

Mimi Velevska

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Well, it’s 3MDR’s annual Radiothon- a fundraiser to encourage listeners to subscribe to community radio. The Dotted Line can’t do it without the help of our listeners, all of your subscriptions get put back into the station, so that we can keep spinning the under-represented tracks that supports Aussie music.

This year’s theme is pirate radio- and we could not have a had a better guest than the flaming red head herself- Mimi Velevska. A total rock bitch, she knows how to tear it up on stage and she got a bit carried away in the studio last week when she donned the pirate gear.

Mimi was so keen to join us at MDR that she even post-phoned a hot date that night! Now that’s the dedication we like from our musicans to promote their art!

Ben and Mitch on acoustic guitars joined her to belt out a couple of stripped back numbers off her Bona Fide Electric EP, which is being launched at the Evelyn in Brunswick St this Thursday the 22nd.

Mimi is a formally trained vocalist at the prestigious Victiorian College of the Arts. Her audition piece was a traditional Macedonian tune, that she has performed live at her pub gigs. But it was discovering Red Hot Chili Peppers and reading Anthony Kedis’ bio Scar Tissue that rocked her out.

She loves big rock acts with charismatic front men like GNR, Peppers and Slash; as well as the more jazzy female vocalists, and this is evident in her musical style and stage presentation.

Go www.3mdr.com to become a subscriber and be in the draw to win some geat prizes- like a hand made Cole Clark guitar!






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