4Tress on The Dotted Line

Pic courtesy: 4tress

Listen to the show here!

4tress have been gigging around the Hills for the best part of a decade now and have a whole sting of dates ahead of them in coming months. The young four piece came into play a set of melodic rock wth some nice guitar licks chucked in the mix.

The band play regularly at the Mount Dandy Hotel  and were part of this year’s Bloomwave Festival, where they headlined a night for emerging musicians from the eastern side of Melbourne.

The band have their roots from a love of 50’s style rock-a- billy and surf guitar. Lead vocalist, Carina and guitarist, Christi, grew up on a diet of their parents’ record collections.

Drummer, Richard, joined the band five years ago at the Phillip Island Hot Rod Show. Bassist, Stu, has been with the band for about a year and he sports a thick Yorshire accent!

4tress have released a new record which features a lot of local talent, incuding Phil Smith and artwork by Tracey Roberts.


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