Les Thomas is unpaved

Listen to the show here!

Les Thomas is a man of many talents, he is not only a Melbourne singer-songwriter, but also a web designer, publisher and music journalist. He hosts the blues and roots music site, unpaved.com.au.

Les came in to have a chat about what it is be a music writer and reviewer. He said that there is a lack of quality music reviewing in Australia, especially in the blues and roots scene, which is a largely neglected area of the music press.

He performed a few songs that he has written, which have a strong social and political bent in them. We heard songs like You’re Still Breathing, which he told us is about people moving on with their lives after incarceration and torture, like asylum seekers. Strip it Bare was dedicated to mining magnates, Gina Reinhardt and Clive Palmer. We also heard Unpaved, the song after he named his website.

Les was able to share some new music with us, some of his current highlights. It was great that two of his favourite artists are already featured on The Dotted Line- Saint Jude and Liz Stringer!


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