Dom McKay a songwriter from the hills

Missed the program? Listen to it here!

Dom McKay had a long hiatus from music but has recently picked up his guitar to play the open mic stages again- bringing us his beautiful slow-cooked style of organic singer-songwriter material.

Dom grew up in the hills and has travelled extensively, which has enabled him to draw from these experiences to write his songs. We heard Wait for the Day, which was about a being caught in an ocean rip off a beach in Bali, where Dom was able to relax and swim to safety. Mr Moo was a song about encountering one’s own personal revolution.

His father, Morgan McKay, is a local guitar maker and taught Dom how to play as a teenager. Dom locked himself up in his room and taught himself how to play along with his Jimi Hendrix records.

Dom loves to play at Kellys Bar and Bistro in Olinda and can be caught there on its open mic nights. He also occasionally heads down to the city to play the open stages there too. He is hoping to head into the recording studio soon, we look forward to hearing a few demos from him soon!



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