The Fujiama Mumas honk tonked live

Firstly- a personal note: To the unsavoury character who smashed my car window last night  to steal my iPod Classic 120gb- can I please have it back? And can you please reimburse my costs to replace the broken window? Thanking you in advance.

Listen to the show here!

Luke Escombe

Sydney singer-songwriter, Luke Escombe has written a song about people’s infatuation with mobile devices. He has a song called iMan, a sarcastic look at apps and apples. We chatted about bis new album Mantown and his band The Corporation. I still want my iPod back.

He said that corporations have certain privileges that he and his band mates can benefit from- when he finds these out he will advise us! He was in Melourne last week to play a few songs at the Welsey Anne for their Songwriters in the Round sessions.

Luke uses comedy to write about serious topics, including a very naughty song about making jokes about bombs at the airport.  He had a show last year called Chronic, a comedic look at his experiences with chronic illness.

Luke will be back in Melbourne on the weekend of the 4th August to play a series of gigs at the Butterfly Club in the city.

The Fujiama Mumas

In the words of Migrations singer, Matt Davidson- Cate’s personality needs it’s own postcode.

Cate de Cartere heads up the Fujiama Mumas– a 5 piece Melb outfit who play honky tonk blues styled fun! Cate was able to use her sense of humour to permeate through her songs and performance.

Joining us for the night was former Dotted Line guest and Gallant Trees vocalist, Joel Stibbard- who got the gong for catching three forms of public transport to the 3MDR studios some months ago- all with a broken hand!

This time he sat behind the drums alongside Paul on keys, Sonja on bass and Lachlan on electric guitar.

The band, who met at NMIT got together to play gigs around pubs on the north side of town. Both Paul and Cate aslo play with Matt Davidson in The Migrations. Both bands will be performing together at The Fox Hotel in Collingwood on the 12th August.

Cate told us that she quit her job in finance to study music and has written a song about a former colleague- Thin Lipped Bitch, which she played live for us.

Other tunes we heard live included, I Wanna Man, a Johnny Cash inspired song about “times of drought”, and the Wanda Jackson tune, Hard Headed Woman.

Cate organised a folk  tribute to the life and poems of Banjo Patterson last year, with Damien  Howard and the Ploughboys as the houseband and narrated by Bushwhackers’ Dobe Newton.  The Fujiama Mummas arranged a song from Banjo’s As Long As Your Eyes are Blue. Keep posted around November- we hope there will be another Banjo tribute this year.


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