Winston record out bush!

Listen back to the program here!

It was exciting to have a full band in the small MDR studio space. Winston managed to squeeze in a drum kit, keyboard and two guitars. With all the leads and mics everywhere, it felt like a rock n roll gig!

Winston are a relatively new Melbourne four piece, who are about to start recording their first EP. Angleo Greco, on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, told us  they like to head out of town to record in the small community of Taggerty, in central Victoria.

The band met and came together through their backgrounds in studying and working in the field of enginieering. Brent -or Toughy- on Keyboards, discussed the concepts of musicians and mathematics.

Angelo, who sings with a deep, powerful voice, sang Vegas 5am. He told us that’s where he managed to source his prized Gretsch guitar- the same model Jack White plays.

The guys have been playing gigs around Melboune. We hope to see them hit the live venues hard when they come out of the recording studio in a couple months.


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