Stevie and The Sleepers sing happy days

Missed the show? Listen here!

Stevie and Jason popped in to belt out a few numbers live in the studio last night. In fact, Stevie’s voice was so powerfully beautiful, I thought she was gonna blast the shit out of the panel!

The five-piece hills-based band formed while studying music at Box Hill Tafe. Stevie has a love of funk n soul and this is evident in her incredibly strong vocal delivery.

They played four songs including Man of God, about an elderly man who Stevie cared for in aged care, as well as Impossible, which Stevie described as an Emo song!

Jason also plays guitar for Jen Knight and Stevie And The Sleepers supported her last week at a gig at Ruby’s.

They have only been together for about 6 months and are already putting together songs for an EP, planned for later this year. They have played a few gigs in Belgrave and down the city. Catch them live this friday at Ruby’s in Belgrave.


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