Dan Waters performed live and Ash from Even chatted

Even pic courtesy: Joanne Lehmann

Missed the show? Listen here.

I was rapt to yarn with Even’s Ash Naylor. Even are a Melbourne three piece indie rock band that have been a mainstay of the Melb live scene for 17 years.

Ash told us that he met drummer Matt Cotter at school and have been playing together since 1985! They had a band called The Swarm. They formed Even in 1993 when Wally Kempton -or Wally Meanie – from The Meanies joined them. Although The Meanies are a punk outfit, Wally really loves Beatleseque sounding stuff, so Even was a great band for him.

Ash describes their music as “pop n’ roll” which is a spot on description of Even’s sound, that of rich melodic  harmonies and ringy guitar.

Ash has played in some pretty high profile gigs around the place. In 2009, he performed with Paul Kelly as part of Sound Relief in front of a full MCG crowd for the Black Saturday bush fire fundraiser.

He told us that he  felt really nervous and had a stomach ache before he went on stage! Paul and him then had to leave the ‘G to play a gig in Gippsland, in the rain, when they drove back to Melbourne, they listened to Midnight Oil perform their set during the live broadcast at the MCG.

Ash aslo played  ACCA DACCA’s Its a Long way To The Top  on the back of the truck at the SLAM Rally, back in 2010, where nearly 20,000 musos marched on Vic Parliament to ask for fairer venue lisences.

He said that he was humbled to be part of such a momentus day and it showed him how musicians can unite. Ash spoke of the importance of vigilance in light of the current Victorian government regarding recent TAFE cuts.

Even are about to tour with another band with staying power- The Fauves! This will be the first time the pair have toured together. They will be heading over to Perth on the tour. You can see both bands this friday the 29th at the Regal Ballroom in Northcote as part of its 100 year anniversary celebrations.

Dan Waters

Pic: Dan Waters

Alt-country singer-songwriter, Dan Waters played a live set with his mate Seamus on lap steel. Dan enjoyed taking the piss out of everything, he has a very black sense of humour! Both Luke, on sound, and I, giggled off mic during the entire interview!

Dan loves writing tales about people who have sorry lives, to make us feel better about ourselves. His song,  A Pervert In A Parking Lot indicates his style. Other songs include stories about women like Please Break Up With Me and a tale about his girlfriend marrying another bloke. He told us that he gets along with the husband and likes to jam with him when he visits!

Seamus, who Dan now nick names The Wildcat, because of his hot licks, played a very rare, original 1930 Dobro, which he was incredibly proud of. He scrimped and saved up to be able to own what is really a museum piece. He got some bloody maginificent sounds out of it too.

Dan is about to release a record very soon called Welcome, it features the lovely acapella outfit, the Nymphs, on backing vocals. Dan grew up near Geelong and loved bands like Metallica, but he fell in love with country music when he headed over the the US. He said that he loves the narrative feel of the style and told us that it’s easy to play!

Catch him live this Sunday at The Retreat in Brunswick and Thurdays at The Labour In Vain.


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