Peter Chapman: a born performer


Listen to the program on The Dotted Line audio archives.

The Dotted Line is proud to present such a calibre af artists. I’m humbled that so many important Australian songwriters drop by the MDR studio to etch their sound through our fequency.

Liz Stringer

We had a chat with Liz Stringer, who is an established Melbourne based songwriter. She performs magnificent narrative styled tunes with her partner Van Walker.

Liz grew up listening to Celtic and Scottish trad, her dad was a music teacher, so Liz was able to grab some instruments as a kid and learn early.

Both she and Van draw a lot of their songs from their reading of books and thier experiences travelling around the place. Liz has just come back from touring around the beautiful Top End, where they played a series of dates around Darwin, along through to Kunnanurra in WA and along the west.

They played with several local artists in the region, Liz doesent understand why more Melbourne artists dont leave our cold winter to play up north!

She will be playing at The Corner Hotel on Sunday with the beautiful Courtney Barnett as support.

Peter Chapman

Like Liz, Peter Chapman also grew up in a musical household. He came into MDR to play a few tunes and told us about his new record “No Music No Soul”.

Peter sounded amazing as he played with a rich sounding 12 string custom made Cole Clarke.  He kicked off his live set with Time is a Monster, off his Clean Skin record.

We spoke about the economy of lyric writing. He loves writers like Prince, who can summon multiple ideas and images within one line in a song. He loves Dylan and also Michael Hutchence for their wordsmithery and poetry.

Peter’s dad was a guitarist and used to let him get up onstage in between sets at the pub when he was a kid to sing a song or two. He feels comfortable in front of an audience.

When Johnny Young spotted him in the early 80s, Chapman then had a couple gigs on Young Talent Time as a contenstant. He said that he had to sing two or three versions of his song on front of a live studio audience. When the program was aired live, he then had to perform and mime along to the best version of that afternoon’s pre-record.

The magic of television!

Since then, he played a couple gigs on Good Morning Australia and has recently been getting added to playlists on commercial radio.

Peter said that he recieved a great response from the audience when he played support to Bonnie Tyler at the Crown Casino some years back, making us proud that an indie Aussie songwriter can impress an audience for an international act.

Peter is wrapt to be playing with some very special guests who he invited to play with him at his gigs this long weekend.

David Bridie (My Friend the Chocolate Cake) will be joining him on Saturday night at Chapel off Chapel in Prahran. Peter will aslo be playing Friday night with Michael Spiby (Badloves) and Dale Ryder, who he said may belt out a couple Boom Crash Opera tunes to boot!


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