Louie and The Pride woke me up!

Pic: Louie and The Pride

Last November, Healesville based folk five piece, Louie and The Pride, made 3MDR listeners’ hearts sing with a beautiful in-studio live set, ahead of their performace at the Healesville at the Track music festival.

While lead vocalist Louise Fleming-Marsh is based in Healesville, the rest of the band lives around the inner-northern suburbs of Melbourne, so its a bit of a trek for them to get together for rehearsals!

The band played a selection of beautiful songs with rich harmonies and delicate arrangements.

Mandolin player, Nova, brought in a strange harmonium styled wooden instrument, that she produced some magnificent sounds with. She also told us about the time that her neighbours called the  police, who knocked on her door and told her to stop playing her tin whistle!

They have produced a three track demo, which has been getting heaps of air-play on The Dotted Line over the past few months. We just can’t wait for this band to release a record and play some more live shit!

To keep our appetites going, watch their brand new video clip that was just released this week. I just love the beautiful surrounds of the Yarra Ranges in the background.


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