Dale Goodridge about to fear and loath Las Vegas

Listen again here.

Dale Goodridge is a Melbourne singer-songwriter  and is about to show the yanks  the talent of unsigned Aussie independent artists. He will be touring the US west coast as part of Global Onslaught, including California and Las Vegas.

A couple weeks back, we chatted with Global Onslaught manager, Nanci Princi, who introduced us to Dale Goodridge. He will be part of an onslaught of Aussie artists that Nanci will be showing off in the US.

Dale came into play a live set on the Dotted Line. The Yorkshire born muso is influenced by 70s rock, he came out to Australia about 6 years ago and has been working steadily on building up a body of his own work. He writes and plays everything on his recordings.

The indie muso has been able to build up a steady fan-base on-line, which includes a following in America. He said that the internet is a valuable to tool for indie musos to be able to target their audience internationally. Dale is even about to perform a live set via a Google app!

He has just put out a blue coloured vinyl 7″ of his tracks Up 2 U and The Pledge.

If you want to catch him live in Melbourne, he will be playing an afternoon set at Bryce’s Tavern in Mooroolbark, down the other end of the mountain, on the 27th May.

Little Two Eyes

Pic: Little Two Eyes

Adelaide’s Little Two Eyes are a syth-rock-post-shoegaze outfit who are launching their All The Things I Never Told You And Why EP.

We spoke to their singer, Emily, who told us about their EP and their 90’s rock influences. Emily was excited to announce that they will be coming to Melbourne in July to play at the Brunswick Hotel, she also said to keep an eye out for some more gigs that maybe a little bit of a suprise for Melbourne audiences!

Emily spoke passionately about the Adelaide music scene, and the need for vigilence to protect live music venues. Unfortunately, this is a theme afflicting Melbourne too, this week, with the announcement of the closure of another live venue.


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