Joe Oppenheimer and Mimi Velevska rock on!

Missed the show? Listen again here.

Rock-Chick, Mimi Velevska, loves her electric music. She is a formally trained jazz singer at Victorian College of the Arts. During her degree she discovered the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Blood Sugar Sex Magik record, which changed her life.  She also loves her Lep Zep and GNR.

Her debut EP, the Bona Fide Electric, is a reflection of her love of rock, with a bit of funk chucked in for good measure. With powerful vocals and driven sound, this Ep will have you punching the air and shouting ” Fuck, yeah!”

We had a chat about her Ep launch, this Saturday at the Workers Club in Fitzroy, with supports by psych- rockers, Electric Sunkings from Ballarat, and The Charlies.

Joe Oppenheimer

Joe Oppenheimer studied Law at the ANU in Canberra, but he discovered that the Arts students had better access to music facilities. It was in Canberra that he recorded his beautiful debut EP, Time Ticks Away.

Now based in Melbourne, Joe has dedicated himself to music and is about to begin recording his first full-length album. He came in to 3MDR and performed a live set of his collection of folk- based acoustic songs.

We had an eclectic chat about all manner of things which included a spontaneous sing-a-long of Moby’s We Are All Made of Stars. Joe believes that music should be a collaboration with the audience. He wrote a song, Studio Microphone, which is designed for a sing a long with the chorus.

Joe is a regular festival goer and loves discovering the cultures between the different genres of festivals. He said that he loves the spirit and the costumes of techno festivals and the “jammalogy” of folk-festivals. He cited Woodford and Illawarra Folks Fests as some of his favourites in their capacity to join in on a music jam.

He even played an impromptu performance of a song he made up while busking on Sydney Rd in Brunswick, a song all about wanting $1.50 to catch public transport!

I descibed his vocals as having the sweetness of Colplay’s Chris Martin, when he sings his high notes. Joe said that early Coldplay was an influence in him.

You can catch Joe playing live at Live on Lydiard in Ballarat on 26th May, with The Electric Sunkings, who are very busy indeed! They are also playing with Mimi this weekend at the Workers Club. The Dotted Line hopes to spin some Electric Sunkings very soon.

Joe also hopes to head down to Tassie in June to play some gigs there.


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