Bert Cocain: US guitarist threw studio tantrum

Listen here!

The Dotted Line made an exception to its pure Aussie music format, to welcome US guitarist, Bert Cocaine, in as a special international guest who played live in the studio.

We had a bit of a stormy time when he took offense to the interview and stormed out in a tantrum, slamming doors behind him!

Bert took offense at being compared with Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain. Well…look at his picture (above) and make your own decision! He insisted that all Kurt similaries are of pure coincidence.

It was pretty hard not to draw comparisons, when Bert’s name is an anagram of the late Nirvana frontman, and the songs that Bert played were exactly the same as Nirvana’s mid-90’s MTV unplugged gig. We even heard a rendition of Penny Royal Tea, off Nirvana’s In Utero record.

Shot Gun injuries

Bert explained that some of his playing was a bit off tonight, as he injured his hand in his shotgun, in his backyard in the US.

It all got a bit too much for our temperamental guest, who explained that he hates all interviews and that his record label forced him into doing tonight’s appearance on MDR.

If you love Nirvana, then catch Bert Cocain playing live at the Brunswick Hotel, May 5th from 5pm. He will be playing with the Hills’ very own Luke Tylim and Caitlin Archibald.

Global Onslaught

Nancy Princi, from Global Onslaught management came in to chat about new Aussie artists that she is currently promoting. The company was set up to promote unsigned and indie musos, from across varied genres, so Nancy was at home on The Dotted Line.

We heard from Melbourne blues rockers, My Dynamite, who recently blasted out the Espy, as well as Dale Goodridge and some very psychedelic ethereal sounds from The Mad Pride. See Playlists to find out the comprehensove list of who we heard.

Nancy even promotes local hills insitution, Carol MacCoy, and Dotted Line guest, Christie Heart.


3 thoughts on “Bert Cocain: US guitarist threw studio tantrum

  1. dalegoodridge says:

    He got me hook, line and sinker! It’s so obvious because of the name! Duh!

    Great playing and singing though. Hats off to him! 🙂

    Thanks for the play of my music and the other great indie music! 🙂


    Dale Goodridge

  2. dalegoodridge says:

    I was really fooled by this. Hook, Line and sinker! The name is so obvious. I was sat here going “he is so bloody rude”. lol. Great playing though. Hats off to him! 🙂

    Thanks for the play of my music and all the other Indie artists! It was a great show 🙂



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