Saint Jude sing Gospel Blues

Three members of Melbourne five piece outfit, Saint Jude, joined us to perform a set of beautiful gospel inspired acoustic.

You can listen to their live set on The Dotted Line here:

Bill on snare, Mick on bass and singer Brooke played stripped back versions of songs that are usually chunkified with another guitar and fat keyboards.

Saint Jude played songs from their soon to be released self-titled debut record, that will be released on 12” coloured vinyl as well as MP3 format.

Mick says that the physicality of vinyl is part of the beauty of owning music. We are also reminded that is only takes one big bump on our hard drives to lose our entire music files!

Or as Mick said: the day that a giant magnet flies over the earth and wipes everyone’s hard drives, we will lose all our music files!

Brooke studied fine art formally and designed the band’s cover and promo art.

Saint Jude partly owe their gospelly sound to Bill’s childhood singing with his parents in the Pentecostal church, where vocal harmonies were richly forthcoming and tambourines flayed!

These days, Bill prefers to play his tambourine around Melbourne’s pubs with Saint Jude!

Mick is associated with the Melb Indie scene through his label, Cobrasnakenecktie, which is also associated with The Bowers, another favourite on The Dotted Line.

Record Launch

The band have been around for approximately under a year and look forward to their playing at their album launch at The Tote on the 20th April, the day before Record Store Day! They are then playing the day after at Basement Disks to help celebrate Record Store Day.

They also play at The Tote this Saturday evening, when directly afterward, they will be fanging it up the Calder to play in Daylesford that night!


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