Joel Stibbard: Avian Rock!

Joel Stibbard gets the gong for being the most dedicated guest on The Dotted Line. He made the trip from Preston to Emerald on public transport, by catching two trains and a bus!

Joel Stibbard

The story gets better. Joel was going to play some guitar live to air for us, but he left his guitar at home, as he had just broken his hand! But he came in anyway! We had a great chat and spun some tracks off his latest record. Joel even wrote his own account about his adventurous journey to the hills.

Joel Stibbard (vocals/guitar) at The Great Britain - Photo by Melody Shotade


Avian Rock

Songs for Frustrated Ornithologists, was recorded with The Gallant Trees, a trio comprised of Joel and his mate, Tim Woods, who was a Dotted Line guest last year.

Joel describes his music is “Avian Rock”. Its a bit punky, a bit rocky and involves a love of all things native bird.

Tracks like Id Rather Be Birdwatching are about daydreaming about escaping a crappy day job to head out bush.

Joel writes about how birds wave through his dreams. All Pigeons Are Headbangers is about a dream where he found himself falling out of the nest as a chick, where he hit the ground and morphed into a human.

Joel broke his hand at work, in his job as a roady at the Soundwave Festival. You can’t get anymore rock n roll than that!

Handy craft

Little Pied Cormorant needlepoint - designed and made by Joel Stibbard

Now Joel can’t play guitar, and he can’t do his needle point either! A man of many talents! Joel took up needlepoint as something valuable to do while watching the Teev.

The new record cover has a beautiful pull out sleeve, displaying intricate tapestries of birds that Joel designed himself.

The Gallant Trees launched their record at The Wesley Anne last week, and Joel hope his hand will be healed in time for their Tassy tour in June.

They hope to shoot a vid clip for Id Rather Be Birdwatching at Cataract Gorge in Launceston, where the peacocks wander about beautifully.


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