Nick Charles and The Basin Music Festival

The amazing Nick Charles joined us in the studio to play some amazing blues style acoustic riffs. It was a pleasure to watch him move so easily over his intrument.

Nick joined Basin Music Director, Ray Smith and MC, John Allen, to talk about the Basin Music Festival, where Nick will be one of the featured musicians.

This fest is a little hidden gem, tucked away the foothills and is a proud promoter of all Aussie artists. This year there will be over 100 acts, some from interstate, but Ray told us that they really like to emphasise musos of the local area.

Some other acts include artists who have been featured on The Dotted Line, including Christie Heart, Mark Gardner, Louis and the Pride, Jenny Biddle and Kurt Gentle.

Artists will be performing all over the little community, in various venues, including a free outdoor stage in the triangle area.


Nick Charles is a prolific live performer and a great supporter of the festival scene. He played some numbers that included English Medley, Albatross and an original piece- Pecan Pie Blues, dedicated to the love of the pie where he recorded the song in America!

Nick is a big Beatles fan. He picked up the guitar a bit later in life and is now recognised as one of Australia’s finest players.

The Basin Music Festival will be over the weekend of the 23rd of March and costs only a measly $10 for the entire three day weekend! Wow! No excuses not to be there.


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