Fest la Frog: sustainable music and beer

We chatted with Dean O’Callaghan, director of the third annual Fest La Frog to be held at CERES environment park this Saturday. Fest la Frog celebrates local music, organic locally grown, vegetarian food and sustainably brewed organic local beer!

Deano says that the festival proves that an event can be run on renewable energy, leaving a very low footprint, while also having fun. The stages will be run on solar panels and the food containers will be made from renewable substances. Best of all, the grog is all organic and home brewed!

Deano’s dad owns a brewery, near Healesville. Yes, just like the Kevin Bloody Wilson song: Does Your Dad Own a Brewery? Deano’s own organic home brew will feature at the festival.  Fest la Frog is a chance to “stick it up” the huge conglomerates.

French Island

The Festival is run twice a year. There is one in the rural setting on French Island in early January, where people have the opportunity to catch a boat out to the Island and camp for the duration of the fest. French Island’s residents live off the main power grid and are totally independent of the main land. The idea of living self-sufficiency is what makes the island such a great venue for this festival.


For those who can’t make it out to French Island, townies have no excuse to miss out as the fest is also held at CERES, which  is a short bike ride away from the city.  CERES is a community run, environment co-op that offers sustainablity programs and projects.


The mighty Barons of Tang will headline the festival this year. Local Hills muso, Charles Baby will also be playing, along with Ponyface, Return To Youth, Between The Wars and many more. We are even promised that there will aslo be a DJ set to rival Rainbow Serpent!

Barons of Tang

Let’s hope that more festivals will follow this philosophy- where renewables and recyclables are put ahead rubbish piles of plastic and big brand names.


One thought on “Fest la Frog: sustainable music and beer

  1. edeano says:

    love it. it was a pretty crazy place we were in for the interview.. on a barge floating down the yarra..being towed by a pair of giant inflatable elephants for my sisters love festival:)..BUT we have more stress on reusable (plates n cups) than renewable/recyclables… but yeah great interview. thanks x if anyone wants anymore info: http://www.festlafrog.com/sustainability c u on saturday:)

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