New stuff over summer- new releases, gigs and festivals

Over summer many of us have been enjoying some time out. The Dotted Line had a brief sabatical from the air- but we have still been sourcing some exciting stuff for the coming months.

New Releases

Here are some of the latest new releases you will hear this month:-

The Bowers– Lay the Marigolds EP (Cobra Snake Neck Tie Records)- Melbourne seminal garage four piece power pop. If you like bands that sound like You Am I-you’ll fall in love with The Bowers!

Bowers- Lay The Marigolds

Saint Jude-All Ways Were Lost (Cobra Snake Neck Tie)- Melbourne five piece folk-rock, with a hint of gospel thrown in from an organ witn a fat (sound). Keep posted for an in-studio,  live to air performance from these guys.

Bottle Of Smoke– three track album sampler from hard-rock- grunge four piece. These guys have been playing regular slots at the Espy with other bands like Bugdust and The Charge. Former Belgrave boy, Errin Kelly heads up this band. Think, Queens of the Stone Age meets Alice in Chains, and you have Bottle of Smoke.

Joel Stibbard-The Gallant Trees, Birdwatching EP. Joel Stibbard hosts a program on North West FM, with Tim Woods, who appeared on The Dotted Line last November. Joel is a passionate bird lover and is concerned about environmental issues. He played a live set at the Sustainable Living Festival last week in Melbourne. Joel is about to launch this EP of singer-songwriter rock-punk at the Wesley Anne, March 16th. Be There! We hope to hear him play live on The Dotted Line too, very soon!

Valley Floor-Brisbane three piece stoner rock with ex Angus and Julia drummer. They played at Rubys this month and deserve some recognition. Their debut album has heavy Deep Purple influences. We hope to see them back down south in coming months.

Festivals and gigs

Some say that summer is festival season- I say that it’s festival season all year around! Here are some links to reviews of gigs I’ve seen lately:

Rainbow Serpent Festival: http://http//

Rainbow Serpent pic: Wes Thompson

The Clouds at The Corner: http://http//

Dakara Dirt at The Espy:http://http//

Bugdust at the Espy: http://http//

Don’t forget-you can also go to my Published Articles page to read my hard- hitting investigative journalism and more. Keep up to date on my muisc reviews!


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