Tim Woods- Maldon song-writing winner on The Dotted Line

Tim Woods gained some new fans with his live-to-air, in-studio performance tonight on MDR. Thanks to the callers who rang the studio to give their support and positive comments to this years’ Maldon Minstrels’ song-writer winner.

Tim Woods, from Northcote plays an eclectic collection of songs with off-beat lyrics that steer away from the same old chestnuts. His song, Tale of the Possum is about warning the lovely furry creatures from being electrocuted on power lines.


Woods, is appropriately an arbourist by trade and draws some of his material from his observations working on municpial trees. He was saddended to find possums come to grief in such horrid ways on power lines.

The acoustic-guitarist was also moved by hearing locals’ stories about Melbourne’s at times infamous Westgate Bridge. He performed a moving song, Western Man, inspired by the 40th anniversary of the bridge’s collapse.

Woods’ songs are narrations of important topics, often overlooked by song-writers.  He has just recorded a 5 track EP and he is looking forward to the challenge of recording a full length album in Daylesford, which was part of the Minstrels prize package at Maldon. He was also guaranteed a performance spot on one of the main stages at next year’s festival.

Tall Tim Woods

Woods is no stranger community radio- he hosts a weekly drive- time program at North West FM, based not far from Coburg, where he too plays a program for Aussie independent song-writers. He co-hosts this program with his sometimes bass player, Joel Stibbard.

Tall Tim Woods, as he reffers to himself on his facebook page told us stories about being very tall, and at gigs, he feels compelled to stand at the back of the audience so as not to block everyone else’s view! He also said that after he was told he sounds like he was Billy Bragg, he didn’t know who the singer was, so he learned a cover of New England to play at open-mic nights.

Woods has performed at the Espy and organsises a musicians’ night every Wednesday at Willow Bar in Northcote. He plays this Sunday at the Wesley Anne.

See the Play Lists page to see what other songs he performed.


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