The Escapades- Live on The Dotted Line

Technical difficulties didnt get in the way of local 4 piece popsters, The Escapades, playing some fun tunes on The Dotted Line this week.

The Escapades managed to squeeze their entire band, including a bass drum into the modest space of the MDR studios. We felt a bit like we were squashed in the mosh-pit at the Big day Out!

With new sound tech, Neil, joining The MDR team, we managed to untangle a jungle of leads to hear The Escapades perform live to air. Emma from The Hills Hoist managed to  join in to help team DJ behind the scenes!

We even had a supportive band member’s dad acting as band photographer for the night!

The young band, still at school, formed in year 8 at Upwey High  and are learning how to record and market themselves with the encouragement of their music teachers.

So far they’ve had success as place getters in the Freeza Battle of the Bands heat and are regulars at the Upwey Community Grass-Roots Market, where they have quite an audience.

Guitarist, Danny, is also responsible for organising the other bands who perform at the market.


The Escapades have a heavy brit-pop style sound and they cite their influences from bands like The Beatles, the Strokes, Vampire Weekend and the Arctic Monkeys.

We heard them play an up-beat Strokes cover as well as the classic Paul Kelly “How to make Gravy”. Lead singer and keyboardist, Sam, had a very convincing Kelly style drawl to his voice!

Their sound could easily fit in with that of the National Youth Broadcaster, as its poppy and has the potential for commercial success.

So far, the band are in the process of recording a 6 track EP and have put together a demo sampler, which we gave a spin on The Dotted Line.

Go to the Play List page to see which songs they performed.


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