No McDonalds in Tecoma

The Dotted Line and 3MDR 97.1 fm have joined the local community’s fight against imperialist fast-food giant,McDonalds, setting up digs in Tecoma.

Tecoma is a small mountain village, nestled on the shoulder of the Dandenong Ranges. The Hills have a proud local culture which includes small business, the arts, open fires, rainforest, devonshire tea, flower farms and bohemian cafes. Tourist flock to the Hills to breathe our heady eucalypt scented air and engage in our unique community.

We distinctly separate ourselves from the nearby “flat-lands” which we see as bland never-ending suburbia which encourages social alienation. 

We believe that McChucks will ruin our beautiful mountain community. It will bring a plastic culture to the hills and encourage the spread of multi national eye-sores that we can just live without.


We fear that tourists heading up the “mad mile” will stop in for their fix of fascist-food and spread its litter through our forests.

 We fear that its 24 hour non-stop neon ugliness will spread light pollution into our clear night skies.

We fear that the kids in the primary school across the road will be seduced by its lurid yellow propaganda.

We fear that Tecoma’s small independently Australian-owned local shops will disappear under its domination.


We also fear that once Tecoma goes, this will set a dangerous planning precedent and the rest of the Hills will fall….McDonalds is simply inappropriate development!

No Maccas in the Hills! FUCK OFF!    

Join the Tecoma Village Action Group (TVAG) to help fight this disease.


Its always exciting to see your local community on big city TeeVee news. Unfortunately Tecoma made it to commercial TV under sorry circumstances: Look out for my interview in my rainbow jumper!


Note: The Dotted Line does not endorse commercial television news.



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