26th August, 2011

TheGurge looked on with delight when a packed out mosh pit of early 20 somethings ripped the Hi-Fi Bar a new arsehole.

Dressed in skeleton suits, the trio were a joy to watch as they performed with broad smiles and invited audience engagement at every opportunity.

Quan and Ben, along with new drummer Peter Kostic, displayed their brand of self-depreciating humour by performing a collection of songs that remain relevant in today’s electro-pop climate, as they did when the band first formed nearly 20 years ago.


A room full of punters yelled “I Will Lick Your Arsehole”, which always sparks a cheesy grin from band members, when the band opened with this mainstay of The Gurge’s live set-list, off their land- mark Unit album, from 1998.

The usual favourites such as Polyester Girl and Kong-Fu Sing were performed amongst some new songs, which were received with great nthusiasm from a pumped up crowd.

Security were kept busy by removing crowd surfers that were reminiscent of the band’s late 90s’ mosh era BDO performances. An over excited audience member threw his designer black canvas sneaker onto the stage.

A highlight of the night was when Peter took a mic up-front to perform an interesting synth arrangement off his i-Phone!

Such was the connexion between band and audience, that a beaming Ben said, “Melbourne! The best gig of the tour!”

Few bands have survived the early 90’s Aussie post-grunge, indie-rock era as successfully as Brisbane’s Regurgitator.


The Gurge are an innovative band that aren’t afraid of experimentation. Animated graphics featuring unusual fluffy creatures and 80’s b-grade movie mash ups added a new dimension to their live set.

Regurgitator are consistently strong live performers who have built a reputation out of hard work and creative diversity. It isn’t unusual for a multitude of genres to appear in one song.

The Gurge were one of the first Australian bands to meld punk with hip- hop and rock, on Kung Fu Song. They reinvented the 80’s elctro-synth sound on Unit in the late 90s before the style became popular with the kids of today.

Judging by this gig, The Gurge can keep punching out some good tunes if they keep true to their artistic diversity. The old mare has years ahead of her still.



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