Tracey Roberts performed an unusual concert at the New North Gallery in Fairfield, where she sang the pictures.

Roberts is a visual artist and a singer-songwriter who is a regular guest on “The Dotted Line”. She is also a visual music-colour synaesthetic.

Synaesthesia is an interesting brain response where some people are able to equate abstract ideas with visual colours.

Roberts does this through art and music. When she hears a particular note, she visualises a corresponding colour, so her entire keyboard represents a virtual artist’s palette.

“Immersion” was her exhibition of later works that involve brilliant colour use around surrealist figuration. Her works are composed digitally from scanned organic sketches. They are then printed onto high quality sliver ingrained paper which enhances colour intensity.

Each work is intrinsically connected with a corresponding musical piece, making the exhibition and concert an audio-visual narrative of the artist’s life.

Picture: Lance Fishman


Roberts’ music has a heavy jazz- cabaret infusion with a strong vocal delivery. It was the perfect style of music for an intimate art gallery performance.

Roberts performed songs off her current “Parallel Universe” album as well as songs from her back-catalogue. She included some favourite jazz classics and even a reinvented Mylee Cyrus cover!

She was joined by Chistina Green, a multi-instrumentalist who co-hosts Burrinja Gallery’s monthly “Acoustic Brew” with Roberts in Upwey.

Anthony Baker, who looked the part dressed in a blue suit, bright red shirt and beret, was on the drums.

Roberts described how each picture was visually created and how it related to the musical notes on her keyboard.

In one picture, a searing line of white light piercing through blocks of purple and blue represent the note “high C”. Roberts then performed the painting through musical representation.

Members of the Brain Institute attended the evening, and a representative was keenly taking notes in the audience about the artist’s synaesthesia.


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